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Petite Top

cheek curls The specialties of this little hairdo are the big cheek curls, the frothy crown within the little head silhouette, the ultra-short napeline, fringe-shaped for a lady-like effect. Hair in back is tapered extensively from top to nape in a very new look. Results are up-do-like, but "oh so short"!
Lengths-Figure 1
No two strands are actually identical in length, as the result of an extreme taper technique, with the shaper being used in long, slithering strokes from nape to brow. Neckline lengths are one-half inch. Side strands for check curls are about two inches; however, as an exaggerated sweep is needed for these curls, the strands must not be cut too short. Lengths for bangs and crown froth vary according to individual head contours. Bangs should be longish, and crown strands should be long enough to pouf up; three to four inches is average.
Styling—Figure 2
In left half of toplock, foren two roller curls parallel to browline, turned toward back. In right half of toplock, form two roller curls perpendicular to browline, turned toward right. Alternating roller directions help to "pouf up" toplock strands.
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Figure 3
In upper portion of right side, place two horizontal roller curls. Top roller is directed up; lower roller, down. Above ear, form two large forward curls with extended sterns.
Figure 4
At top of left side, direct horizontal roller curl down. Shape remaining strands above ear into two large forward curls, with dropped sterns.
Figure 5
On the crown, wind diagonally placed roller curls in directions indicated. Alternating roller directions in this way helps to give desired lift to these strands in comb-out. Finish nape area with three rows of pin curls wound in directions that conform generally to the natural directions of hair growth.
To maintain frothy lines, particularly on the crown, use a brush to arrange hair in intended directions. Tip end of brush is particularly effective in releasing small details such as bang tendrils. Arrange bangs in shape most becoming to patron's features, concentrating on a sideswept movement. Sweep hair on both sides back from eyeline, then forward onto cheek into decidely open curls. Lift crown strands into overlapping tendrils; direct nape strands into movement of natural growth. Create a V-line by pointing center of neckline, and pressing tendrils on both sides of nape close to head, thus "molding" the desired style line.
Figure 6
Complete hairdo as follows. After patterns have been satisfactorily arranged, use pin curl clips to "drag" excess curl out of bang tendrils and cheek curls. Place clips on tip ends of tendrils and curls so weight of clip will weaken curl, then spray hair over-all to fix strands in these positions. If desired, after spray has thoroughly dried, hair can be re¬combed for softer effect.

(by Enny of Italy - New York City / Modern Beauty Shop - May 1960)

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