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Bloused Bob

bloused bob In this pert mode, toplock interest is achieved with a crested line rather than bangs. Sides blouse becomingly, swinging forward onto the cheeks.
Crown, six inches, tapered to one at nape; toplock and sides, three inches.
l. Place roller curls on three sides of toplock; in center area, wind counterclockwise curls.
2. Wind hairline roller curls down. At back of side pattern, place single vertical roller wound forward, above clockwise curl. Repeat pattern on right.
3. For bloused crown effect, wind roller curls in positions shown. Note short rollers used on right side. Complete back pattern with two rows of long-stemmed clockwise curls.
Brush hair thoroughly into intended lines. Direct toplock back and up into controlled crest. Drape sides down and forward in bloused wave pattern. Smooth top crown hair close to head, blousing strands at midcrown. Brush the nape strands up in fluff effect, then apply light fixative.
bloused bob photo back styling technique styling technique styling technique

(Herman Phillips - Talk of The Town Beauty Salon - Waukegan, IL / Modern Beauty Shop - May 1960)

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