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That Unrivaled Hairstyle (2)

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Something to remember, youth can get away with a lot but when you begin to get into your late thirties and forties you cannot look 21 anymore. That is ok, because some of the most beautiful women in the world are older women who have taken care of themselves wisely.
The importance of finding a good reputable professional who will tell you the truth cannot be stressed enough here. Communication is the first step to talk about the texture of your hair, about your body type, your facial structures and your life style. You want to look for someone who you admire and respect, someone to will take the time to place into your life, the service you need the most. I wouldn’t give an extremely short chop job on someone who has thin baby fine hair. She would look bald. Baldness like that means a lot of tears, hats and wigs afterwards.
If you have rough textured, thick, long straight hair and am thinking about a new style, begin to think what your facial structure is, what is your body type? What is your age factor? If you have worn your hair back into a ponytail for the last 10 years, you are in for a drastic life change. Are you tall and thin? Are you athletic and, most important, are you ready for this? If you are a hiker or a biker, you aren’t going to want your hair falling into your eyes with every move you make. Long bangs are nice, if you can see what you are doing. Do you have a long thin face? Then, you do not want to strengthen this look by fashioning your hair with a super short cut half way over your ears. All others would see is the lower part of your face instead of your lovely hair. Although, this is an individual preference, the best of both worlds could be a customized shag cut, but cut enough so when the wind blows you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Your hair would still be semi long, yet thinned out to have the merit of attraction. There would be slices of hair framing your face with angles all the way down to the tip of your shoulders. You’d still be able to pull it back with combs, and look cute with that baseball hat on. With time, you’d get used to all those layers.
Shampoos and conditioners are to be used according to your hair texture. Who of us, haven’t used a discount shampoo and conditioner only to discover disappointing results. If your hair has been overly processed and is extremely dry, you should look for words like hydrate or moisturizing on the bottles. Never mind those products that say they have it all in their shampoo. Many a client only needs to find the right product for their hair and a good haircut to have that exciting life changing result she is seeking.

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