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The majority of us can have not just a general improvement with our looks, but a dynamic one if we would listen to what the professional’s see in us. Instead of looking at ourselves in what we’d like to see or not see, allow the fruit of honesty to build your self esteem and change your whole way of life.
lady with short hair A good case example is when a lady becomes rather portly and is still wearing her hair long. Chances are, she doesn’t have that coveted swan neck that we so desire when we look at our fashion models. Her long hair is covering up what neck she does have. Choosing to wear her hair up will give grace to her appearance and take off a pound or two when she puts on that slimming black dress. The versatility of keeping your hair long for your spouse or boyfriend could be your answer as you begin to pile those locks up in the crown of your head. As your hair moves up, so will your face. A more desirable effect would be a carefree spirited style that you would be able to add some styling crème and run your hands through and handle yourself. Isn’t this what today’s busy lady is all about? This would take much more then a couple pounds off as well as a few years. There is just something about that perfect short cut that seems to trickle on down to our bodies that do this. Your hair is the beginning of a new you.
Does she have a full round face though? Hair pulled completely back will reveal any flaw or pudge you might have. Round faces need a shadow break on the canvas of their cheeks either with hair and make-up. To understand more about the different shapes of faces be sure to see what famous person has your facial type.
Substantially built ladies are to be cautioned in choosing a bob. One that is clipped midway into the back of her head with a blunt cut slightly over the tapering, will do nothing for a flattering or feminine appearance. Getting a mushroom bob will indeed mirror you as a mushroom and add weight on you. Unless your husband is crazy over mushrooms I’d stay far away from that style.
When your lower extremities are much larger than the above, you can slyly take away from this by the object of illusion. A style that pictures a well balanced body is worth more than our weight in gold. Your hairstylist should think about balancing the scales when she begins to reshape your hair.
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