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Celebrity Hairstyles - July 2006

It has been pretty calm on the celebrity hairstyles scene this month. With so many enjoying a well deserved holiday, the number of events was limited.
Lauren Holly Courtney Cox At the Barnyard World Premiere on July 30th in Hollywood two ladies with the same age - but with very different hairstyles - have been spotted: Coutney Cox and Lauren Holly.
Courtney's very long hair doesn't exactly flatter her face. Actually it is dragging her face down and maybe a shorter style would match better with her facial shape. Lauren Holly at the other hand looks better than ever at the age of 42 with her short haircut. About a year ago she decided that it was time for a new and refreshing look and chopped her long hair off. A wise decision! A rejuvenating style for an attractive lady. Her short shag can be styled easily with a bit of gel and blow drying with
a round brush in the direction of the cut.
Alana De La Garza Alana De La Garza At the NBC Summer Press Tour (July 22nd) at Pasadena, Alana De La Garza surprised everyone by sporting a beautiful new short hairstyle! Much better than her long hair, shown here on a picture of her taken in April 2005 at the International Beverly Hills Film Festival. It takes a lot of guts to go from below the shoulders to very short.
Way to go Alana!
She could get her long hair back quickly with extensions, but let's hope she won't because she looks good with the short style.
Julianne Nicholson More short hair at the same event! Julianne Nicholson with a cute and very short crop. Are these the first signs of a new trend towards short hair for celebrities? After the long hair craze of the past years it wouldn't surprise us if more and more celebrities trade their high maintenance long locks for a comfortable short haircut. Kelly Clarkson's new bob and Victoria Beckham's new elfin-style crop are a step in the same direction. It's only a matter of time before others will follow their example and once celebrities have set the trend ... the crowd will follow and instead of the "must have" long hair we will see a nice variety of shorter hairstyles again.
Keira Knightley Keira Knightley Worth seeing at the Pirates Of The Carribean UK Premiere on July 3rd was Keira Knightley with her gorgeous golden dress and short bob. This is a very versatile and easy to maintain wash and go hair style. The cut will suit most facial shapes except those with a heavy jaw line. It can be worn wavy or styled flat with a flat iron for a smooth and sophisticated look.

Photos provided by Photorazzi
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