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Ready for a change of hairstyle? Too many women stick with the same hairstyle they have had for a long time. Experimenting with haircuts and new looks is a lot of fun though. There are hundreds of things you can do with your hair. You will be amazed to see what brow skimming bangs, a sweeping fringe, choppy layers, texturing, feathered edges, and wigs Ö can do for you look!
Fed up with your long hair? Try a mid-length look or be adventurous and go for a sexy short pixie! Sleek and shiny long hair is gorgeous, but a spiky gamine crop can be at least as adorable and breathtaking. Beautiful swinging long hair will attract attention, but low-maintenance and extremely short haircuts with a shorn neckline and short bangs will have the same head turning effect.
Itís simply a matter of finding a cut that suits the shape of your face and that you feel comfortable with.
There's no reason these days to be hesitant about getting a new and completely different haircut. You can see exactly what you'll look like before the stylist touches your hair. Online Hairstyling Software lets you try out hundreds of styles and colors on a photo of yourself, with the privacy of your own computer. Make print-outs of the looks you think are good for you and ask your friends and relatives for their opinion or ... don't say anything and surprise everyone with your gorgeous new hair cut! Take the printed images to the hair stylist and get the cut you had in mind, without surprises.
hair styling Read our hairstyle tips to help you make your decision. There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing a new hairdo, the most important being your facial shape and any prominent facial features. Also your body type, your dressing style and job can be of importance.
Celebrities are often very style-conscious and trendsetters for the newest hairstyles and fashion. We will try to inform you about the newest celebrity trends in our celebrity hairstyles section.
We have a nice selection of very short hairstyles for when you are ready to go for a drastic haircut. Going very short is a big step and a great experience. Many women that plan to get their hair lopped off chicken out right before the stylist starts cutting. On the other hand, those that go through with it enjoy the haircut to the fullest and enjoy the relieving feeling of their long hair being chopped off and the refreshing feel of the very short strands of hair. Be advised that very short haircuts are addictive!
Not ready for something really short yet but ready to loose some length? Have a look at our selection of short haircuts and find the perfect style for a stunning new look. Short styles are a good choice for a comfortable, sexy and at the same time professional look. A short and stylish cut reflects your effort to look good and trendy. Don't forget to visit your hair salon for regular touch-ups to keep the style in shape.
For a not too drastic hairstyle makeover, the photos of mid-length hairstyles are a great resource. Medium length styles leave the possibilities open to go either way: cut it shorter when you are ready for it or grow it long again without too much hassle. This length of hair is also rather maintenance free and you won't have to see your stylist too often to keep the cut in good shape.
You prefer to keep your hair long? No problem, but do yourself a favor and have a look at the pictures of long hairstyles. There's a lot you can do with long hair to make your look stunning and versatile. Layering for instance can do miracles! There's no need to loose a lot of length to make a hairstyle modern and trendy.
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